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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Do You Need a Mini Chop?


I did my Mini chop on Dec.12.2012
It was much needed.
When I would finish my twist and twirl my ends, I'd always notice a string of hair straggling and I also noticed my ends were dry and no matter how much deep conditioning, moisturizing, and oil I added it was not helping.
I had come across an article through curlynikki.com and read more about what a mini chop actually is and that's when I decided I would Mini Chop.

This photo is the amount of hair I chopped off...

After, I finished my mini chop, I twisted the sections.

 This was the length after unraveling one of my twist after my mini chop session.

 I decided to do small to medium sized twists, but I also wanted to utilize my cold wave rods, so I through those in my hair.

 When I took the rods out, my hair was really curly so I banded my hair and attempted to stretch my hair...lol. (See what happens when you have too much time on your hands?)

My final results, I loved it!!

I think I chopped off too much at the back in the center area, but I am okay with it, because it'll grow back...lol.

Do You Need a Mini Chop?


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