Sunday, July 13, 2014

Small Business Spotlight: Knots N Tangles Crochet Works

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I am coming to you all with a Small Business Spotlight post! I won't take too much of your time...

Knots N Tangles Crochet Works a small booming business in the making. The business belongs to a strong ambitious young woman by the name of, Jada Davis. I was sent an invitation asking if I would like to partake in reviewing some items from the company. I was happy to oblige because I have seen the workmanship of Jada's amazing items, which are not limited to earrings. Jada also crochets beanies, bikinis, and other items. 
I also have shared stories and life events with this young woman. I am familiar with her work and felt as though this was a great opportunity to spread some news about Knots N Tangles Crochet Works with you all!

I received 2 pair of handmade crochet earrings from Jada Davis. 

Small purple round earrings ($8.50): 

Before, I leave my review I wanted to share some of the information I received about Knots N Tangles Crochet Works! 

The summer of my 9th grade year was a very rocky one for me. I was removed from my adoptive parents home and placed back into foster care. As I was added back into the system, I lived several places until a home was found for me. In one of those places a woman had taught me how to crochet. In order to crochet you must relax. As I began my first attempt at a blanket, it crumbled up and began to look like a flower. I was too tense. From there I had began to relax. Crocheting became an outlet for me. That was four years ago, and to this very day crocheting relaxes me and is my outlet. Every Piece that I crochet comes from my heart, and has helped me through either an emotional obstacle or has helped me to improve my crocheting skills. ~Jada Davis~
I enjoyed rocking my Knots N Tangles Crochet Works  earrings! I had not worn crochet anything before, so I did have my skepticism about how much I would like the items I would receive. I thought the earrings may be too heavy or not in style...I was WRONG! 

The workmanship is beautiful and seamless, there is not a sign of beginning or end and the earrings have their own unique design. What I find to be really surprising is how lightweight these handmade crochet earrings are... I felt as though there wasn't anything in my ears and they weren't irritating or itchy. 

Another plus is Jada can custom design the earrings for you. Making each pair special and unique to its owner!!

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If you are interested in WINNING a pair (Large Flower teal Earrings) of these earrings, please comment below "Enter Me!" 

 Knots N Tangles Crochet Works can be found at 
 You can also follow this shop on Instagram: @knots_tangles_crochet 


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