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Monday, June 30, 2014

Natural Hair Woes

I have been natural for 27 months and 3 days! I remember deciding to go natural and really felt the motivation to just stop relaxing my hair...I was on an online community and was looking at some of these beautiful women share photos of their natural hair and actually seeing...like really seeing Brown Women with healthy, thick, long hair. I was impressed and shocked all at the same time.
I wanted that...
The decision to not apply another relaxer to my hair wasn't hard. Actually I had gone months without relaxers in the past...I just did not know how to properly care for my two textures, so I would just go back and relax it again.

But, this time around I discovered Youtube and Jenell (founder of kinkycurlycoilyme). I did not know brown people could achieve the results she had. I was in awe of her confidence, her personality, and of course her head full of thick, healthy, long hair. I watched her videos all night and morning! I had become convinced...I too would have hair like hers.

Fast forward to today...I can actual say I am over the "Natural hair hype," now don't get me wrong I love my Natural and do not regret it at all. But the hype around how great natural hair is, can blind you to the downfalls or setbacks (depends on your perspective).

At 2 years natural it takes me approx. 2 hours just to finger detangle my hair. If I decide to use a tool like a wide tooth comb in combination with my Tangle Teezer, it will take approx. 1 and half hours. In order to style my hair, I need loads of water, and softening products (helps with manageability). Single strand knots are the devil reincarnated...lol...but No seriously!!
Styling is no easy task, especially if you have to work or get out the door in a hurry. I usually will have my hair in twists pined up or pulled into a ponytail (YAAASSS...I can achieve a pony baaaby)!!
I wear my twists in for a week or week and a half, then I will either retwist or wear a twist-out.

I have to a point in my natural hair journey, where I am comfortable with not following a ritual or schedule. I don't knock myself for not...uh-oh DARE I SAY IT (well you know type it..lol) sleep without my BONNET or not moisturize every other day. Nope...I follow my hairs needs and I use my common sense. An example, I have my hair in twists for a week and my roots are dry or my ends seem frizzy. This means I need to moisturize.

I also don't oil my scalp as much as I did in the past, because of buildup. My scalp produces enough oil, therefore I only need oil to seal and for treatments. Sometimes I will oil my scalp if it feels dry.

I will forever be thankful to having a community that accepts me and supports me. I will always rock my Natural!

Do you have any hair woes or setbacks? Share below. Send a photo. Check me out on www.youtube.com/coilsoflove