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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cream and Coco Hair & Skin Care

I was introduced to this brand in my Curl Kit, but I never took the time out to visit the website or use the product. A few months ago I joined a wonderful group of ladies on Facebook, who were raving about this Artesian Handmade Natural Soap. I was not sure what this meant, natural soap? Huh? How can soap be natural, I was very uninformed and unaware. At first I was skeptical, because it is in my nature to look at things from multiple perspectives, so I decided I would try the soaps on my own.

My very first order consisted of (1) Coconut Macaroon, (1) Pumpkin Souffle, and one other Chocolate Cream filled Peppermint Patty, I was not able to try because it was taken hostage. The Pumpkin Souffle smelled amazing and the coconut macaroon smelled nice as well. But my fave was definitely the Pumpkin Souffle. At first use I loved the scent and lather. But, I was a little thrown off when I stepped out the shower and the smell did not linger, as my usual  unnatural soaps. I continued to use my soaps from Cream and Coco. I was disappointed about the scent not lingering, so I wrote natural soaps off my list.

Well, recently I decided to give Cream and Coco soaps another try, because of the awesome feedback from the ladies in the Facebook group. I ordered my fave Pumpkin Souffle, Chocolate Creamed filled Peppermint patty (AMAZE-BALLS), Raspberry Tea & Lemonade (Limited edition), and a few others. These here though are my favorite soaps from Cream and Coco.

The Glaze tinctures are really impressive and definitely worth 2-3 bottles at 1st purchase. The scents are amazing, the silky smooth feel, and the supple skin results are all reasons why I would absolutely re-purchase from www.creamandcoco.com I recently purchased the Tibetan Orchid and the scent is really soft and light. It's about to be empty, because I use it and my family uses it a lot!

Cream and Coco prices are very reasonable and inexpensive, but the products are definitely worth trying at least twice!

But wait...Cream and Coco also makes hair products as well!! I have used the Curls for Days Hair pudding and for my hair, the smell is wonderful, it reminds me of Starburst. I used it for my daughters hair and her hair LOVES it. I also gave a container to my nieces and they want more too. My hair did not love the product, but I only used it once and will definitely use it once again in a different method.

Announcement : Winner Announced!

I am very thankful for all the entries and want to really emphasize, my gratitude.
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BYork Styles

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Post #Electrolux Live Stream

After watching the different chefs take their own uniqueness to the different stoves, I am highly impressed with the Induction Stove, Electrolux. The different dishes were extremely appetizing. Below is a link  for you to watch the actual LIVE STREAM event.

Live Stream for ElectroLux

I would love to own an Electrolux stove top of my own...It's definitely made of high top quality and is different in a variety of ways. The Induction Stove does not need to be pre-heated, which is a plus when you need to make something quick and easy like many of us Super hero moms. I was amazed by the fact you can touch the induction stove top and not worry about BURNING yourself...Now that is amazing and is important for any parent.

How do YOU feel about the Electrolux Stove top? Do you wish you had one? Comment Below, please feel free to share and +1

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Cream and Coco Skincare - September Hot Coco Box


Cream and Coco Skincare ~ September Hot Coco Box

Price: $25
8oz Night Blooming Jasmine Primrose Tincture,
6oz Night Phlox & Yucca Creme Anglaise, 
4oz Moonflower Milkshake detangling spray, 
2oz Hazelnut Latte Coffee Butter
& a snack sized Dragonfruit Artisan soap.
Total value of the box was $51! 

The Night Blooming Jasmine Primrose Tincture feels just as smooth and silky as Cream and Coco signature glaze tinctures. The smell reminds me of a light floral jasmine scent. The tincture is not heavy at all, it goes onto the skin very smooth and easily. I really love these tinctures by Cream and Coco.

The Night Phlox & Yucca Creme Anglaise is truly a blessing! I used it to shave with and my skin felt so freaking smooth and soft. I really love the lather from this product. I did not expect this from the product, but it was definitely doing wonderful things for my skin. The smell is awesome, its not strong and overpowering at all.

THE MOONFLOWER MILKSHAKE DETANGLING SPRAY is beyond amazing! I used this in my significant others hair, for moisturizing and to soften his hair before blowing his hair out. I also used this in MY hair and I used it as a moisturizer and sealed it in. I also used it in my daughters hair for moisturizing and styled her hair in a braid ( I only used the milkshake and grapeseed oil). 

The Hazelnut Latte Coffee Butter is a very fragrant but not strong butter. The texture is grainy but smooth, because it has exfoliating properties. I have used this on my face, and it is NOT greasy or heavy. I also use it for my son's face and hair. My significant other uses it as well for all over body butter. 

The Dragon fruit Artesian soap smelled so GOOOD...I wanted to eat the soap, lol. But I refrained from tasting it, unlike the coffee butter...Anyway the soap lathered very nicely and left my skin feeling really smooth. The texture was soft and pliable. 

Summary: This box was amazing and definitely has me excited for the upcoming Birthday Box for October!!

The November box is on sale: $20 www.creamandcoco.com