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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Post #Electrolux Live Stream

After watching the different chefs take their own uniqueness to the different stoves, I am highly impressed with the Induction Stove, Electrolux. The different dishes were extremely appetizing. Below is a link  for you to watch the actual LIVE STREAM event.

Live Stream for ElectroLux

I would love to own an Electrolux stove top of my own...It's definitely made of high top quality and is different in a variety of ways. The Induction Stove does not need to be pre-heated, which is a plus when you need to make something quick and easy like many of us Super hero moms. I was amazed by the fact you can touch the induction stove top and not worry about BURNING yourself...Now that is amazing and is important for any parent.

How do YOU feel about the Electrolux Stove top? Do you wish you had one? Comment Below, please feel free to share and +1

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