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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Karen's Body Beautiful & my 2nd attempt 2 strand flat twist


Hopefully, everyone has had a welcoming and safe New Year's Eve!

I have decided to give a try at using a regimen...hmmm. I wonder how long this will work for me? I usually go with the way I feel and then I do twist or twist out or some style.
My regimen will be similar to Jenell of kinkycurlycoilyme , the difference being I do not shampoo every week, I don't deep condition every week either. I will use the products she has recommended and a few different ones.

My regimen will consist of the Yucca&Baobab hair mist (Jenell's fave), sealer(Coconut Jamaican black castor oil and tropical traditions virgin coconut oil gold label), followed by Karen's Body beautiful sweet Ambrosia Leave-in (Pomegranate & Guava scent).

Now as far as moisturizers I am trying out the Karen's body beautiful Super Duper hydrating hair cream and KBB Butter Love(final seal).

For deep conditioning I will be trying out the KBB luscious Locks hair mask.
I also will be trying out 2 Shea moisture deep treatments; raw Shea butter deep treatment and the Yucca & Baobab anti-breakage masque.
I will keep in my rotation Curls Ecstasy Hair tea Deep conditioner.

I may use a different moisturizer/cream and my final sealant may vary...not sure yet.

Today I sectioned my hair into 4 sections from a 1 day twist out, I I used the KBB leave-in to soften each section and give it some wetness, then I applied my warmed CJBCO&coconut oil to each section and scalp, I massaged the oil into my scalp and onto the hair shaft.
I massaged each section until I felt it was all softened and damp. I took one section and parted into 3, I applied the KBB super duper and massaged it into my hair shaft.i parted that into 2 and twisted, FINAL SEAL with KBB Butter love and cold wave rods at the ends.

I did this to each of the four sections, except in the front, I attempted 2 strand flat twist and twists at the ends with cold wave rods to hold the ends and black long bobby pins to secure the 2 strand flat twist.

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