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Monday, December 10, 2012

12 days of Giveaway!! Link Below

 Good morning,
I should have been made a post about the giveaway, but I've been posting to so many of my other interests like curlynikki.com
I am happy to have found her site, because she is very inspirational, very diverse, and loving (yes all this through the web)! I can definitely say I feel like I know Mrs.Nikki, like we go way back...lol.
Check out not only the giveaway but the informative tabs at the top of her page!! Mrs.Nikki has phenomenal stories of "regular" curlies like myself and then she has celebrity curly stories, but the most fascinating is her tale bits of her family life. I enjoy it all. And I know you will, too....so click below, head over, and enjoy. (Oh, and comment) 


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