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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Checking your Hair tools! Have You?

Checking your hair tools is very important during your healthy hair journey; whether relaxed or natural. Using any tools including your fingers can cause damage if you aren't paying close attention! Why? Your finger nails...hang nails, chipped nails, or anything that your hair can hook onto on your fingers can cause unnecessary breakage, which results in poor length retention and unhealthy hair.

    Using wide tooth combs can cause unnecessary hair breakage and damage because of all the stress being put onto the hair strand, therefore we already have 1 strike against us...But using tools with a seam can cause more damage.

Checking to make sure the tool YOU are using does not have any areas to snag onto your hair is very important. I was checking my good ole wide tooth comb I love so much and noticed where the pretty painted teeth were, the paint had begun chipping away, leaving small areas with potential to snag onto my kinky coily tresses. I tossed it!

Then, I checked my knock off Denman (conair brush) and noticed the red rubber was begin to get too flexible and cracking...Needless to say "Tossed it." 

I went and checked all my tools and noticed most of them needed to go! I had received a curl mart wide tooth comb and immediately after 4-6 uses noticed the teeth paint was chipping away. Gone!

These are a few of the NEW tools I have purchased to detangle and style my hair:

Using tools in my Healthy Natural Hair Journey is a choice I am pleased with and will continue to use.

                                              Thanks for stopping by!

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