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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Protein treatments...Have you used one? Why? Which did you use?

Hey everyone....

I am actually looking for the right answer to this very question. I am reading so much about people's hair  needing protein and why they believe it needs protein, but I am not sure if that is what my hair may need. So, what are the tell-take signs?

- Excessive Breakage
-Limp hair

Which could of happened because of:

- Chemical treatments (example: relaxer)
- Coloring
-No balance of moisture/protein

You can do a test to check if your hair is in need of either, but I am focused on PROTEIN.

These are the steps to follow to check if you need Protein:

Shampoo your hair. The hair should be freshly washed and wet.

Take a strand of your hair and gently STRETCH the hair....If the hair STRETCHES forever and then easily breaks or doesn't break then YOU NEED protein.

Now if the hair stretches and returns to its normal state then you are balanced.

I dyed my hair recently with Garnier Olia Hair color system, but I have noticed breakage, not too much but oddly enough to make me know I need to replace what was removed. I am going to use this in 2 weeks...


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