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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hair color? Yay or Nay?

Hey everyone!!

I am in such a rut...I want to color my hair brighter. I love the henna, but I want to try something different, brighter, and easier. Also, a better smell and less mess. Okay...okay, I digress.

I really love the benefits of Henna, because it helped make my hair stronger, elongate my coils, and give them bounce. I love that Henna is natural and provides a shake up in my routine.

On another note, Henna is stinky, leaves a disgusting residue in my tub and can cause a drying affect.

When I was relaxed, I use a lifter and did all types or reds, browns, and honey browns. I stopped using rinses in my hair about 2 years after giving birth; 2008.
I stopped because I got tired of breakage from the lifter and not giving my hair a rest.

Now, I am Natural and am afraid when I color my hair I will not be natural because I've changed my natural hair color by using a chemical process. I am also afraid of losing my texture and that is NOT an option.

Next, problem...
I have used Henna and so many color systems state if you have used Henna it may cause an allergic reaction....is this because of the group of people who use Henna because they are allergic to ingredients in hair color systems? Or is this just for anyone who uses Henna?

I wanted to try the Shea moisture system, but its not available in my area. Secondly, I want a brighter auburn than I've seen done by YouTube'ers.

I am thinking about the Garnier Fructis Olia system- Light Auburn.
Or Clairol Natural Instincts.

IF YOU HAVE ANY OPINIONS or REVIEWS please do leave below! Thank You!!

*this was published LATE* hair colored in Feb. then Henna in march...natural hair problems, not satisfied.

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