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Friday, August 31, 2012

M.I.A. due to protective stlying

       May 10th, 2012 I decided to get extension box braids. I wanted something to keep my hair protected and to give me length again. I was missing my long locks, but happy to still be on my journey to Healthy hair. As I have my in these braids I use my Wonder six oil mixed with pure coconut oil and apply it to my scalp only. I noticed my scalp can become very dry. I also use Smooth N' Shine Olive and Tea Tree Oil Healthy Scalp Spray. This spray helps to maintain the itch and buildup while I have the braids in.

      I removed the extensions in July and allowed my hair 2 weeks of "breathing time." Then on July 10th I had the braids put in again. I love the length I have with my braids and the versatility I have with the braids. I am anxious to remove these braids now and see where my length has grown. I do not plan on using a blow dryer in my hair until my 1 year anniversary. I made this decision when in July I tried to blow dry my hair in a small section and it really wasn't giving me the effect I wanted. So, therefore I will continue to wait.

I am a Hair Junkie and plan on purchasing the Kinky Curly products in September, along with some Curlz products.

These products will be use by my entire family, because we are ALL NATURAL.

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